martedì 4 settembre 2012

TheFabFrame for Motilo Contest

I'm not the kind of person who is at use to participate to Contest and co. but this time I changed my mind: the web site has organized a contest, the 1st prize will be a VIP Trip for 2 people to London during the LFW, which includes the flight trip, 2 night in a Hotel offered by Motilo. and the fantastic occasion to participate to the Jonathan Saunders' fashion show! The web site offers to the winner a £ 1,000 gift card to use in the web site! The 2 nd prize will be a £ 500 gift card, the 3 rd prize (valid for 5 people) will be a £ 100 gift card! How to receive these prizes? You have to create an account on, create as many looks as you want with the clothes, the accessorizes you want and then save your look with an origin title and the word LFW. Down the title you will find the different categories in which you can include your look, you have to select the word Competitions! Here you are the looks created by me, what about them?

venerdì 31 agosto 2012

Summer Finale swimsuit

The last day in Sardinia deserves a last post which has to be exceptional. I've made a simple choice which revealed to be the best: to make a post wearing the cloth which dominates our summers: the bikini.
As happened for the previous post we woke up early (-.-") to be sure to have an empty beach where taking our photos. I've chosen a pink swimsuit and I've decided to wear it with a really particular cover-up (Do you remember it? I showed it to you HERE) which is long and which gives a beautiful effect thanks to the sea. In some photos I was with barefoot, in other I was wearing a pair of wedges, I immersed myself into the water too to take different photos (I can't tell you how much fishes there were around me because of the many colors of the dress). Anyway I really enjoied to take these photos and at the end of it I even swam in the sea to refresh myself!

lunedì 27 agosto 2012

White and bright Sunrise

Ehi dear! Between binges of fish e a lot of seaside, here in Sardinia, the time is going to fastly! Even though we'd never tried the emotion of getting up at 8.0 a.m. to take some pictures for the blog, mostly because we prefer sunsets to rises, but unfortunately the last days have been caracterizes by the 'maestrale'.. This is the typical wind of the island which makes impossible staying near beaches and sometimes it brings badweather; you can imagine how much the nature has hinded us in taking pictures. This morning while the alarm was ringing we woke up and after some yawnings we finally made this post. I love it as for the dress and the accessories that I was wearing (in particular a fantastic black and golden bracelet) even for the moves that the place full of rocks and sea views insipired me! I hope you can appreciate, while I'm enjoying a beach more empty than usual and a gorgeous green-lightblue sea. Enjoy your last days of holidays before an hard come back to the real life :)

mercoledì 22 agosto 2012

The first night in Baja Sardinia

After some days spent having fun with some friends we finally arrived in Sardinia. Here you are the look of the first night spent in Baja.
I was wearing a gray jumpsuit by Patrizia Pepe combined to a pair of pink sandals. At my wrist finally the new pochette by Stella McCartney.
Not bad for the first night! Kisses from Sardinia


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